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    1. News Commentary
      Open Innovation Drives Progress in Plant Breeding
      Open Innovation Drives Progress in Plant Breeding
      Open Innovation Drives Progress in Plant Breeding Joseph Byrumsenior R&D and strategic marketing executive in Life Sciences – Global Product Development, Innovation,……
      Zhongkeyu505 get sale license in Hebei ProvinceMarch 30, 2017, Web Master Zhongkeyu505 has recently got commercialization permit ……
      By Chuck Abbott From Successful Farming3/8/2017 The world’s largest farm exporter, the U.S., is also a global leader in agricultu……
      About Lantron
      About Lantron查看更多>>
      Beijing Lantron Seed Corp (BLS) is a seed company found by renowned corn breeder Yibo Wang and other breeders and entrepreneurs. Our company is a leader in China’s seed industry and is known in China for its top line high yielding proprietary corn hybrids and its market-leading breeding research, seed production, marketing and sale practice, and customer service. Our core values are "Integrity a......
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      Address: No.B12 S. Zhongguancun  St., Haidian Dist., Beijing, China 100081


      lantron brand Tel:400-999-0966 

      lilijin brand Tel:400-999-6609

      zhongkehuatai brand Tel:400-800-9868

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